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Part 1
This Tutorial assumes you are reasonably proficient in the use of your image editing software
Please request a Pdf document compilation if a full step by step Tutorial is necessary.
The default locations for the Buttons are:
HD:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 9\Buttons
HD:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 10\Buttons
HD:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Liquid.6\Media\DVD\Buttons
(HD is the Hard Drive on which your Pinnacle Installation is installed, typically C:\)
Buttons in these Folders are either .xga or .tga.  We shall create as .tga (Truevision Targa) file.
The normal Studio Thumbnail buttons have various dimensions.  Various sizes to suit different shapes can be used as appropriate.
We will use a typical size of 576 x 420 Pixels for our sample in Paint Shop Pro.

The principle will be similar in any Image Editing Software if any necessary allowance is made.
Open Paint Shop Pro

1, Import / TWAIN Acquire (Scan) a piece of negative film material to the project as a new Image
2, Crop the image to that of a single frame of a Negative
3, Copy the image of this single frame to the Clipboard.
4, Create a new Project with the dimensions of 576 x 420 pixels or of your choice:


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Part 2

5, ‘Paste as a New Layer’ the image and size it to fit within the 576 x 420 Image.
     (It may not be exactly to the scale of the PSP background)
6, Use the ‘Selection Tool’ with a ‘Rounded Rectangle’ to select the whole of a small sprocket hole
    Use the Keyboard delete key to effectively create a hole in the image and show the underlying background.
7, Repeat this process for each of the sprocket holes.
8, Use the Selection Tool with the square cut ‘Rectangle’ tool in the large picture area and delete
We now have an image of a negative, that in PSP appear to have see through holes.
Alternately chose any suitable Image and cut out a hole where you want the menu image to appear.

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Part 3

1, Click the 'Magic Wand' in 'Selection Tools'
2, Hover the Magic Wand over a sprocket hole image and left click the mouse button to select it.
3, Hold down the Keyboard Shift key and repeat this for every sprocket hole.
4, Still holding down the Shift Key select the large hole where the button image is to appear.
   (ie Select all the bits that you want to make invisible)

Now we have all the parts that we do not want to see.  To select the part that we do wish to see:

5, Click the PSP Menu: 'Selections' > 'Invert' option
6, Then click the PSP Menu: 'Selections' > 'Load / Save Selection' > 'Save Selection to Alpha Channel' option.

7, Check that the part where you want the button image to appear, and the invisible parts are all black.
   (If not you can Invert the Selection and try again.)

8,  When you are satisfied that all the parts that you want to be made invisible are black then click Save.
(You could first change the default name to one of your own choice if you wish)

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Part 4

Save the project and then use ‘Save As’ to save it to the Pinnacle buttons folder.  We need to save the button as a Targa File.
Select the, 'Save As' option and the .tga file format.
Click the 'Options' button to reveal the 'Save Options'
ENSURE you set the 'Uncompressed' option and use the highest 'Bit Deph'.
Name and Save the new button to the Pinnacle buttons Folder.  (See above in Part 1, where we located it to view the current choice of buttons.)

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Part 5
When using the new button, you will have to ensure that it is set as a Thumbnail Button

There may already be a film type menu button in your button folder.  Unfortunately I had not realised this when I started the Tutorial.
Initially I created a button using a Digital Camera, with the LCD for the menu picture.  This had a little too much bulk and I discarded it for the Tutorial.
For Normal, Previous and Next Buttons, the process is the same if parts of the image are to be made invisible.

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