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scootersferret -> .VOB file into Pinnacle 15 (6/30/2014 11:48:38 AM)

Hi Guys,

I have a .VOB file on a DVD disk that I want to import to Pinnacle.

I assume that I need to convert the file; can you recommend a free converter and to what type should I convert it? The rest of my project clips are .MTS

Many thanks

bittmann -> RE: .VOB file into Pinnacle 15 (6/30/2014 12:19:33 PM)

Will Studio not successfully import from the DVD itself? (Is this a DVD image, or is this a ".VOB-on-a-disk"?)

Studio might be able to successfully import from the DVD.

If not, other users have reported success by copying the VOB file to their hard drive, then renaming the file to end in .MPG instead of .VOB. Studio will sometimes then successfully open the .mpg file.

Of course, other folks have problems doing any of the above - then converting the file may be required, I suppose. But no sense going down that road if import or copy works!

scootersferret -> RE: .VOB file into Pinnacle 15 (7/8/2014 1:39:39 PM)

Thanks Bittmann,

Last paragraph was the category I fell in to :-(

Then a rush of blood to the head - "handbrake" converter!

I believe you guys had mentioned it way back.

Use it to convert to MPG4 and then straight on to the timeline.

Thank you for your help - as always incredibly valuable.

Best regards

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