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WoodCam -> MP4 problem (11/17/2015 5:55:51 AM)

To convert my video films to MP4, so that they can be sent by email, I have just used the WinX Video Converter.

However, there is a problem which maddens me, a glitch which is not in the original unconverted video.

Where there is a medium to fast movement in an image – an arm moving left to right, say, or a windmill’s rotating blades – the rear edge of the arm movement or the rear edge of the windmill’s blade movement has a sort of black-and-white cross-hatching “trail” attached to it.

What might be the cause of this distracting anomaly and how can it be avoided next time?


gjslaw -> RE: MP4 problem (11/17/2015 10:11:21 AM)

What format are you converting from? What settings are you converting to?

The basic problem is that you are compressing the video to reduce the size of the file. Something is getting lost in the translation. Having said that, some converters are better than others. You might want to try another one. Lots of folk use Handbrake which is a free software.

WoodCam -> RE: MP4 problem (11/25/2015 8:34:20 AM)

I'll certainly give Handbrake a try.

Thanks for the info.

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